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A Vintage-Inspired Elopement

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A Vintage-Inspired Elopement, In the heart of bustling Boston, a Vintage-Inspired Elopement on the streets of Boston. A lifestyle elopement sent us back to the glamorous era of the twenties. This charming blend of vintage allure and contemporary elegance left us pleasing to the eye as we witnessed a love story unfold on the city's historic streets.

Join us on a truly unforgettable elopement, celebrating the joy of a modern love.

Elopement in Boston
The Smoots - Elopement in Boston

All the details radiated a sense of nostalgia and beauty, thought out and crafted with love by the bride, who envisioned a unique, authentic and intimate wedding, focused on what truly matters.

The streets of Boston rich in history became a living canvas for a love story that will forever be etched in our hearts, an embodiment of the magic that happens when the past and present collide in the most enchanting way.

What truly stands out is the elegance and authenticity of the couple, who incorporated delicate pearl accents and perfectly combined a hair accessory for the bride that became the icing on the cake, defining that vintage energy.

Elopement in Boston
A Vintage-Inspired Elopement on the streets of Boston

The bride and groom's choice of a twenties-inspired theme instantly set the tone, transforming the urban landscape into a time capsule of glamour and sophistication.

The backdrop of iconic landmarks and architecture from the era provided an authentic atmosphere that made it easy to believe we had stepped into the past.

There was even a moment that unintentionally brought to mind the iconic photography of the kissing on the V-J Day in Times Square.

With a fusion of vintage charm and modern elegance, this elopment of love took us on a journey through time, reminding us that some things, like love and style, are truly timeless.

Cinthia Moraes Photography is a wedding specialized photographer based in Boston, capturing beautiful memories for a lifetime in Massachussets and beyond.

Also available for family sessions, couple and more.

You can see all galleries by clicking HERE or checking me out on Instagram @cinthiamoraesphotography.

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Cinthia Moraes

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1 Comment

Sep 10, 2023

I can’t even begin to express how amazed we still are every time we look at our wedding pictures. A photography sure has the power to eternalize time, untold stories, each person’s history. I’d say, life itself; To make a love story unforgettable. It takes one soul like Cinthia’s to combine all of that a picture can bring with magic. She sure adds up a special and unique touch.

Thank you Cinthia, for letting myself keep dreaming on this beautiful memory every time I see myself in those photographs.

Poliane Smoot.

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