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Tips on Planning Your Dream Wedding

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Hey there, folks, for goodness' sake! I've been through weddings almost every week, sometimes even more frequently.

Now, you might think I've seen it all, but truth be told, there's always something new. L.O.L.

Let's keep it short and sweet. I know there are tons of articles on this topic, but before you dive into planning your wedding, I recommend creating a simple and straightforward checklist, essentially starting from the end.

Here it goes:

After it's all said and done: The Big Day has come and gone, all vendors have been paid in full (decoration, venue, wedding planner, sweets and cake), gifts have been checked off and thanked for, you've jetted off on your honeymoon and returned, reviewed the photos and the video. Finally, it's just the two of you—a pair of lovebirds at a HAPPY END.

Am I right? I really HOPE SO, but let’s answer some questions just to be sure:

What truly matters most to you?

  • Did you genuinely get to enjoy your day, or did it slip through your fingers?

  • Did your photos turn out the way you DREAMED OF? (Ohhh no, you even thought about it...)

  • Did you take a moment to check the reviews of the professionals you hired? (to see if they align with your style, promptness, and credibility?)

I know you have a lot on your mind, but based on that, I'll share some golden tips so you can enjoy the 'BIG DAY' with quality and smoothness. It's not about planning a wedding; I'm just a photographer with the intention of guiding the bride and groom for a better result. However, sometimes what I observe is upset brides turning their UNIQUE day of JOY into a DRAMA because their nerves are on edge. After all, we are talking about months of planning, dreams, investments—there's a lot involved.

Here's a TIP for the BRIDE and GROOM: Designate someone (Maid of Honor/Best Man), preferably a very close friend, to assist you with everything. And when I say EVERYTHING, I mean all tasks, even holding onto your cell phone in case someone calls and spares you from any situation.

On the big day, the bride often can't relax, gets stressed due to the accumulation of tasks, and dealing with a crowd in the same place or room for preparations. The truth is, women are used to taking charge, and this can stress the bride. Let's exercise some common sense and save our beautiful bride from problems that she won't be able to solve on that day. This advice applies to the groom as well.

JUST DO THE PHOTOS: You've hired a professional photographer, and I bet you genuinely love their work from the bottom of your heart. So, TRUST them and follow their guidance. This way, your photos will turn out stunning, and they'll be cherished memories that last a lifetime!

TIP: Before the wedding, have a clear conversation with your photographer. Update them with all the details, including the timeline, photo timing, location, lighting, style, and everything else. It will be incredibly worthwhile, I promise!"

Cinthia Moraes Photography is a wedding specialized photographer based in Boston, capturing beautiful memories for a lifetime in Massachussets and beyond.

Also available for family sessions, couple and more.

You can see all galleries by clicking HERE or checking me out on Instagram @cinthiamoraesphotography.

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Cinthia Moraes

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